Why I love Photoshop

Recently a funny photo of a dog getting stuck in a coconut tree appeared on the internet. Offcourse it didn’t take long for people to start photoshopping it. This is why I love Photoshop and especially the creative people using it to entertain people. This huskey is now doing some unusual things.

huskey original picture

This is the original picture, below the photoshopped ones:

husky_scyscraper-581cbdca85e95__700 husky-tree-photoshop-battle-36-581c49cd68f7e__700 husky-tree-photoshop-battle-17-581c416e49cdd__700 husky-tree-photoshop-battle-8-581c4153ed03f__700 husky-tree-photoshop-battle-5-581c414d2dd31__700

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