9 beautiful pictures of Tokyo

I truly fell in love with Tokyo! Below you find a first selection I made from the pictures I took in my days in Tokyo. I will post more pictures later so be sure you like my Facebook page!. I hope you enjoy these 9 beautiful pictures of Tokyo!

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and it is with roughly 14 million residents the biggest city in the country. Tokyo contains the japanese words “to”, which means: “east” and “kyo” which stands for: “capital”.

Blossom in japan

The famous Japanese blossom. Unfortunately I was in Tokyo at the end of March and not all of the blossom was in bloom. Picture was taken in Uenopark.


Burning candles in Uenopark.

seagull uenopark

Some seagulls found this spot to rest in Uenopark.


The infrastructure in Tokyo is a work of art.


Glass floor in the Skytree tower. 350 meters up in the sky!


Nature and Japanese architecture


View in Uenopark.


Park and the city


Wooden plates with written wishes.

Stay tuned for part 2!

I also made a video. Check it out below:

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